Why not give people an irresistible desire to buy from you next time they look at your offer?

Rather than some forgettable technical facts, give your prospective customers an emotionally-driven story. Indeed, give them something so exciting they won’t be able to resist.

Win heads with the emotive tales you spin…

Humans are hard-wired to remember stories. So stories are the best way of making your facts memorable. Yet, emotion is what drives action. People just can’t help acting on impulse. They usually buy what they like and then use rational arguments to justify it afterwards.

So, whatever the facts, you can always use emotion to position yourself as the preferred buying option.

TalesYouWin transforms actual-factual business writing into alluring, memorable stories for your prospective customers. You get your sales arguments re-framed in ways that work best for your audiences.

They won’t be able to resist you. They’re only human.

Be the winner, not an also-ran…

This is a psychology-based, scientific approach, and not some unfounded marketing trend. It’s focused on transforming your sales by creating real strategic differentiation.

And trust us, it works for any brand – even if you think you are the most logic-based and committee-driven B2B technical sale, emotions still play an important role in your buyers’ decisions.

Talk to us today about running your first story-based campaign and starting your sales transformation.


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